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Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple

Curly Cherry

Curly Cherry

Curly Maple

Curly Maple

Curly Maple

Curly or Tiger Maple

Curly or Tiger Maple

Curly or Tiger Maple

Curly or Tiger Maple

Bark Inclusion Maple

Flame Birch

I carry all types of figured hardwood stock from Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. I build custom furniture and I know what makes good stock and what doesn't. I carry a variety of thickness you may not find any place else. All stock is kiln dried, not steamed. It is all select or better. Some birdseye is #1 common. I carry matched slabs of some cherry and other types of wood. I keep an extensive stock on hand at all times.

4/4 rough, kiln dried stock:

  • curly [tiger] maple, both hard and soft.
  • birdseye maple
  • flame yellow birch
  • curly cherry
  • curly beech
  • quarter sawn plain maple

8/4 stock:

  • curly [tiger] maple
  • birdseye maple
  • flame birch
  • matched sets of walnut plain maple

Ask about the availablility of the of following:

  • 12/4 birdseye
  • 16/4 birdseye
  • 12/4 and 16/4 curly maple

Birdseye and Curly Maple Fooring: custom orders - the customer may specify natural color or all white product.

I accept orders for all the above. All material is rough. Planing is available at an extra cost.

Please email for a price list. I'll be happy to work directly with you on getting you the proper material for your project.

I can help with construction and finishing problems.

I ship small amounts through Fed Ex and larger amounts via freight. I accept personal checks or paypal if you pay the fees.

I carry different lumber from time to time as well.
Ask me and I will see what I can get.


for the following projects:

Quilt Rack
Keeping Chest
Sugar Chest
Candle Boxes
Shaker Clocks

I have tiger maple available for all the above. I also have some curly cherry, flame birch and birdseye maple . Some of the above projects do require a size of lumber I do not have in the above lumber types. An example is the quilt rack. It needs 8/4 lumber for the sides and feet. I don't have that in anything but tiger maple at this time. Please contact me for prices as lumber prices do change.


Links to the Workshop of
Charles Neil :

I carry material for all of Charles Neil's projects on his pay site.

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Here is the link to projects: http://charlesneilwoodworking.com/project_store.php


Lumber waiting to become furniture.

As I buy lumber for my hand-crafted reproduction furniture, I always seem to get extra. I personally select the trees and boards I buy. I have some extraordinary lumber for sale.

Please contact me for what I have on hand.


Kloes Custom Furniture, Seymour, Wisconsin.

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